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English Mastery

I wholeheartedly believe in power of communication. Especially if understanding and being understood are seen as equally important. Communicating with presence, which includes speaking and writing clearly, paying your full attention to that specific encounter, listening without running a mental comment, embracing the differences, and developing genuine interest, IS, therefore, the main objective of any of my trainings.

So, let’s start this communication / language journey together! The final destination might feel distant at first, but you’ll find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

Should you need any personal guidance in mastering your English language skills or communicating in English, feel free to share this need with me. I am certain, we’ll create a tailor-made track to your full contentment.

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English Mastery

Anna Iosko

E: English-Mastery@outlook.com 
M: 06-52245636 

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